Based on the Children's Book, "Meeggo, The Journey Begins" experience Meeggo's Journeys in Toy Story-type animation produced in CG3d.

Complete with voice action from Meeggo, sound effects and score, Crack'd will take you deeper into Meeggo's fight to find his new life.

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A children's book written and developed by Sebastian Brown. Join Meeggo™ as he begins his adventurous journey to discover the real Meeggo™ inside his shell. It all starts when Meeggo™ decides to leave his egg colony to to break from his normal life and discover this strange new world. Unfortunately he finds this new world rather dull because every one in the colony goes through the same boring routine everyday. But Meeggo™ believes there is more to him and to life and so he ventures out to discover the world outside of his shell. He faces many challenges, but he believes as long as he keeps his heart and mind focused, he can be anything he desires. Meeggo is a great story for children of all ages and teaches a wonderful lesson about individuality, courage and the steadfast perseverance of one's dream in life. Never give up and never be afraid to take that giant leap that will propel you forward in making your dreams a reality.

Meeggo-Front-Cover-560wMeeggo, "The Journey Begins"

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