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About the Author

Sebastian Brown

Based in Studio City, California, Sebastian Brown, of Sebastian Brown Productions, the parent company of LedZapp, Quipster Animation, Inc, Iron Toad Records, LLC., and Locked in a Box Music Publishing (BMI). Founder and Owner, Sebastian Brown is an avid author, director, and singer/songwriter with a passion for revolutionizing the entertainment industry. The main creative exports of SBP are independent properties written by Sebastian Brown.

The goal of each SBP project is to produce innovative ideas with cutting edge technology in appware and digital distribution. The first release from MuZook will be the novel “Gonna Dig Myself A Hole… and bury myself In It” which incorporates a “stand alone” novel with it’s own “soundtrack” available through LedZapp Apps Or “LedZapps”.

LedZapp and Iron Toad Records (ITR) have worked together to produce the 31 song 3 volume soundtrack including blues, folk, rock, country, Americana and alternative music genres. The soundtrack is written and performed by the fictional characters in the book pulling the reader deeper into the story and characters within the book. The novel and embedded soundtrack is soon to be released through LedZapp with the music embedded within the app. There are many innovative apps soon to be released to the general public that is in the final stages of development and include the release of the 3 volume soundtrack independent of the novel.

In addition to the novel and soundtrack, Quipster Animation and SBP are releasing the children’s book, MeeGGo™, The Journey Begins through MuZook. The book is developed in app format and contains clips from the CG3d animated short film produced by Quipster Animation and SBP entitled “Crack’d” based MeeGGo and the journeys experienced.

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