• Crack'd Goes Internationale

    Crack'd Goes Internationale

    “Crack’d” Film Produced, Directed and Written by Sebastian Brown Receives Awards at Both International and US Film Festivals. more
  • Meeggo™, The Journey Begins

    Meeggo™, The Journey Begins

    A children's book written and developed by Sebastian Brown . Join Meeggo™ as he begins his adventurous journey to discover the real Meeggo™ inside his shell. It all starts when Meeggo™ decides to leave his egg colony to to break from

  • "Crack'd"

    Watch the Trailer of the Short Film "Crack'd", Starring Meeggo

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About Meeggo™

Meeggo™, "The Journey Begins" is a children's book written and developed by Sebastian Brown. Meeggo™ lives in a place where every one goes through the same routine everyday.

More Meeggo™ Journeys

Stay tuned for updates on the Volume II of Meeggo's™ Next Journey!